Sunday, April 23, 2006

With chocolates, timing is everything

Very near our apartment is a delightful chocolate store, Regis, with the best dark chocolate truffles I have ever had.

Not those awful monstrosities that abound in American chocolate shops with the hard, tasteless shell and the bizarrely flavored goo on the interior, but the ones that taste like a little dollop of mousse au chocolat made just that much more intense and perfect by being bite-sized.

Anyway, Regis is the spot to get these beauties and like so many other foodstuffs around here I have developed a bit of an addiction to them. Nothing I can’t handle, but there you are.

So I breezed into the shop last week and asked the woman for my weekly fix. She gave me a horrified look and then said, “but monsieur, truffles are for Winter time! Truffles are for Christmas! It’s Spring now, we have no more truffles.”

Now I can understand that strawberries have seasons and peaches have seasons but never would it have occurred to me to declare an arbitrary beginning and ending to the truffle season.

I managed to console myself with the chocolates du Pâcques, although this time I am going to be careful not to make it an addiction. Even I can tell that those cute little chicken and egg chocolates are not going to be around for long.